Who We Are

We are at a critical juncture in human evolution. We are nearing collapse in all of the systems we are a part of: environmental/ecosystems, economic systems, political systems, agriculture, industry, healthcare and education. We urgently need a new model or models that operate with new fundamental values around respect, interdependence, awareness, balance, biomimicry, regeneration, and communication.

To formulate these new models by calling on the wisest minds as resources, combining the best of ancient and modern wisdom. Building a blueprint as the foundation that is replicable. And then, with a rapid prototyping mindset, bringing in investments to acquire land and begin to build the new model with intelligent design principles with some expediency.

Our Team

Langdon Roberts Photo

Langdon Roberts

Langdon is a classically trained neuroscientist as well as a massage therapist and holistic health educator. He is the cofounder of Santa Cruz Neurofeedback Center.

Since 1989, Langdon has been using many of the techniques described on this website to effectively manage his own symptoms of Tourette’s Syndrome (as described in his personal account). He has worked with hundreds of children and adults to provide healing support for a wide variety of physical and psychological challenges.

In 2004, he moved to Santa Cruz County and worked for two years supporting local doctors in the fields of pain management, physical medicine, and rehabilitation. In 2006, he cofounded Center for Transformational Neurophysiology (currently known as the Santa Cruz Neurofeedback Center, or The Center) in Soquel, CA, where he continues to expand his knowledge in areas such as yoga, somatic awareness techniques, interpersonal neurobiology, conscious dance, and ecopsychology, as well as learning about the latest bio/neurofeedback techniques and research.

Jeremy Lubman Photo

Jeremy Lubman

I believe we are at a pivotal moment in human history. We are a global civilization with a choice of two paths - one path leads to self-destruction, the other leads to elevation to a more conscious way of being and doing. History does often repeat itself, but this moment in history is actually unique.

We have never been as inter-connected as we are now or as globally aware, and the many media we use are the languages that create the strands of our collective web for communication and evolution. I choose to use those languages responsibly, to tell stories that move us towards a more conscious, compassionate, and loving way of existing. I am an optimist. I believe that the path of conscious human evolution is ours to create. And it is our job to write the new mythologies that will guide us.

Stephen Bau Photo

Stephen Bau

We are all designers, a builders collective, reimagining our social architecture, exploring how we imagine, design, and build the future together. By considering the influence of design, we are inspired by the design influences of the past, while wondering about how design influences the future.

We are building a community to engage in the original vision of the Bauhaus: to remake society. The focus of the Bauhaus was to build the modern world by reimagining its physical structure. The builders collective is about rebuilding the modern world by reimagining its metaphysical structure.

The focus is on resilience, acknowledging the unintended consequences of design and creating greater capacity to think about the long-term impact and implications of the things that we design, understanding that architecture is ideology made manifest, design is the representation of ideas, and media are extensions of who we are.

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To build our community, we are intentionally creating a diverse group of people committed to creating a world that works for 100% of life. If you are ready to committed to investing your time, energy, and resources, learn more about how to get involved.