Commitment to self-awareness and self-study. A willingness to unlearn, learn, change and grow at the individual level as well as a commitment to look beyond the individual level to recognize we only exist as a node in the webwork of life. Understanding Interbeing. Everything is consciousness and nothing exists independent of everything else.


Commitment to embody Interbeing. Moving and acting with respect, in kinship with the living universe and all of the diverse beings with whom we share this existence. Understanding community as a superorganism that requires regenerative thinking, design, and relating for harmony and longevity. Operating from a commitment to collaborative, conscious evolution.

Social Justice

Commitment to transcend “othering” to create social and economic justice. Dismantling racism, classism, and sexism. Centering marginalized voices. Making the world’s resources available to meet these basic needs of 100% of humanity in the shortest possible time, through total cooperation, without ecological offense or disadvantage to anyone.

Mindful Communication

Commitment to conscious, mindful communication. Listening deeply with heart, mind and being. Speaking with honesty, transparency, humility and compassion. Creating forums for open and clear dialogue and conflict resolution.


Commitment to Ahimsa – Non-violence. We understand the nature of violence in its many forms as an aggression against our own collective well-being and seek to minimize or eliminate it. We practice non-violence in regards to all beings, systems, and expressions of consciousness.

Regenerative Culture

Commitment to regenerative practices and design at every level. Honoring the fact that we live in a closed system. Designing and building with respect for resilience, long-term consequences (seven generations), symbiosis and mutuality. Implementing permaculture principles and agricultural practices.


Commitment to play. Bringing creativity, not-knowing and playfulness to our daily interactions. Making life celebratory. Emphasizing arts, music, dance, while recognizing that every act is a creative act. Valuing spontaneity and an attitude of discovery, wonder and awe.